Deletion of defamatory content & support

Assumption of costs for IT specialists and psychological support.

Data retrieval and recovery

Assumption of costs for the removal of malware and data recovery.

Legal protection

Legal protection for computer and Internet offences and infringement of personality rights.

Online purchase and account protection

Assumption of losses as a result of data theft or for purchases via the Internet.


Cyber Risiko-Check

Cyber risk check

How vulnerable are you? Do the risk check now and ensure 10% discount on Secure Cyber.

  • Which cyber risks have you been exposed to?
  • What is your risk profile?
  • How can you better protect yourself?
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Secure Cyber Versicherung

Secure Cyber insurance

Secure Cyber enables you to protect yourself and your family comprehensively against the consequences of cyber crimes, from CHF 65 / year.

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Secure Cyber

Cyber security guide

Find out from our guide which risks you are exposed to on the Internet and how you can effectively protect yourself against the consequences of a whole range of cyber risks.
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